Our Initiative

What is the WeCare Canada Initiative? 

It’s a sign of the times. Families struggle with financial problems, often unaware of the resources available to help them address their hardships.

The federal government offers programs for families struggling with debt that don’t involve bankruptcy.

That’s where we come in! DebtCare Canada educates communities through WeCare Days, hosted at local religious institutions and community centres.

What are WeCare Days?

  1. On a specified date, we will send one of our financial experts to your location for a WeCare Day, sponsored by DebtCare Canada.
  2. We will promote this event online using our WeCare Canada Facebook page to attract individuals to visit your location and participate.
  3. Those who wish to attend will receive a FREE confidential session with one of our experienced financial consultants.
  4. Participants will learn budgeting strategies, tips for managing debt, and valuable details about programs that can help those who are struggling to deal with their debts.

Host a WeCare Day and Make a Difference

Financial crisis leads to medical problems, marital problems and, in some extreme cases, even suicide. Help us spread the word: there’s no shame in seeking help to deal with financial troubles.

Hosting a WeCare Day will enable you to provide life changing resources and information to community members who may be dealing with personal and financial problems.


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Karen Goldenberg is the Director of Community Outreach at DebtCare.