Meet Karen Goldenberg – Director of Community Outreach

Karen is the Director of Community Outreach at DebtCare Canada. Her primary focus is DebtCare Canada’s WeCare Canada initiative.

Heading up WeCare Canada, Karen will build awareness of Debtcare’s public education programs that assist people to overcome debt and develop financial management skills.

Karen Goldenberg is a senior executive with proven expertise in building businesses, driving growth, competitive position and value.  Former CEO of JVS Toronto, Karen has been recognized for her leadership and excellence in leading JVS to become a preeminent career and vocational agency serving over 20,000 people annually.

Karen is a visionary with demonstrated strategic planning and busine development skills, She has founded and led private and non-profit charitable health, education and social service agencies. Karen started her career as a therapist and combines her clinical interest with policy and program development . She attributes her success to always focusing on the needs of the client, developing innovative solutions, building strong relationships and delivering value.

Recognizing that the issue of debt has become an epidemic in Canada, Karen looks forward to continuing her work in the community with DebtCare, making a difference to Canadians who are struggling with debt.

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Karen Goldenberg is the Director of Community Outreach at DebtCare.