About DebtCare Services

In addition to the work we do directly with the public, DebtCare helps organizations support their members, clients and staff through individualized financial literacy and education.

We serve a wide range of organizations whose clients often find themselves facing financial difficulties resulting from poor budget management, lack of education or unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or job loss.

It is vital that Canadians have access to information, resources and solutions to help them find their way out of a financial crisis.

Financial problems can lead an otherwise happy couple into a separation or divorce and, conversely, divorce or separation can lead individuals into a financial nightmare. The same is true for medical issues. Illness and disability can fuel a financial crisis, often resulting in additional medical problems ranging from anxiety and depression to thoughts of suicide. Job loss, illness and business failure can have devastating financial implications.

While some folks simply lack financial literacy and mismanage credit, banks and other financial institutions make credit so easily accessible, that many people don’t realize they are headed for disaster until it’s too late.

Debt is a systemic epidemic in today’s society. We are working tirelessly to provide sustainable fiscal solutions for those facing financial distress.

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Karen Goldenberg is the Director of Community Outreach at DebtCare.