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Knowledge Lessens the Stress of Financial Planning

Now that your clients have made it through the holidays are they ready for tax season?

Tax season is in fact a time of year where Canadians come into even more debt than the holiday season. During the holidays one may rack up a credit card debt or two but when an individual is in a position where he or she knows that once he files a tax return he will be facing a large debt, the stress can be overwhelming.

This leads many Canadians (your members and clients included) to ignore their tax problem hoping that it will just go away by itself and it won’t. Keeping your clients informed about the consequences of filing late returns can save them thousands of dollars. Penalties for late filing tax returns are severe and include financial penalties, interest and even prosecution.

While your clients prepare to file their late returns they can start financial planning to cope with the new debt that’s coming down the pipeline and DebtCare can help. Not only can we work with your clients to come up with a financial plan to deal with their tax debt but we also have access to programs to find them relief if the amount that they owe is more than they can pay.

Give your clients the gift of less stress this tax season and contact me to arrange a WeCare Day at your office so that you can help your clients get informed. I can be reached at 416-907-2582 ext 2587 or email me at