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What is WeCare Canada Anyways?

WeCare Canada is an initiative that I am very proud to be a part of. The Toronto Star recently released an article titled Toronto’s wealthiest are the most indebted. The article goes on to discuss that the average homeowner in Toronto is $40,000 in debt (this excludes their mortgage).  Suffice it to say, this is not a sign of wealth. This is a sign of a deep problem in society today. It’s time to look at the reasons that people across Canada 1. Have the ability to go into this degree of debt and 2. Why families are turning to credit to make ends meet.

The WeCare Canada initiative was developed by DebtCare Canada in an effort to combat this problem. We are going into communities across the country, on the front lines and working with organizations to help educate the public about the destructive consequences of too much debt. More importantly we are on a mission to help folks who have been stretched beyond their means to find solutions and relief.

If you would like to organize a WeCare day at your organization please contact me at 888-890-0888 and I would be happy to meet with you about the program or to simply arrange your first WeCare Day. Together we can work towards a day where the average family is financially fit and I can promise you that your WeCare day will be more meaningful to your members then you could ever imagine.

Young Couples Who Struggle With Debt

As Director of Community Outreach at DebtCare Canada the constant reminder of how often debt is the reason for the destruction of marriage is all too real to me.

Here are some quick facts that I thought you might find of interest.

A large study revealed that debt brought into marriage was the number one problem area for newlyweds.

  •  55% of husbands and wives had automobile debt
  •  48% had credit card debt
  •  23% had school debt, and
  •  12% had medical debt as they entered the marriage.

Couples burdened with debt that starts to spiral out of control often are compromised. More education is needed at school and in the community if we plan to return to a situation where families are not using credit to make ends meet.

At DebtCare we provide a number of programs dealing with financial education, including access to Federal Government Programs that provide immediate debt relief to families that are stretched beyond their limits. We also offer financial counselling, financial protection and budget management.

Participating in DebtCare’s programs through our WeCare initiative enables newlyweds and young families to focus on building the foundation of a healthy relationship without the worries of financial stress.

If your organization works with families who struggle with debt, our solutions offer debt relief and a chance at a fresh start. Call 888-890-0888 for more information about DebtCare’s WeCare Canada initiative. We would be pleased to come out to provide you with more information about this ground breaking initiative. Alternately if you know someone right now who is in need, help is only a phone call away.