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Help Your Clients to Protect Their Identity

Recently, I was a victim of identity theft. Fortunately, my credit card company dealt with it but it was frightening and I felt invaded.

I immediately filed a police report and notified the credit bureaus and my bank and credit card companies. I got lots of good advice from PhoneBusters National Call Centre. They can be reached at 1 888 495 8501 or

Caution and communication is required to prevent and resolve identity theft. For more info to learn how to protect yourself and go to

You may not even realize just how many of your members/clients could become a victim of identity theft. I hope that you have found this information useful and feel free to share this blog to provide others with this very important information. It is imperative that if an individual thinks that they may have been a victim of identity theft, that they act quickly to protect their personal information.

Consumer beware!!!

DebtCare Canada at The Financial Technology Tradeshow

We had a great time at The Financial Technology Tradeshow this past week. Thank you to everyone and it was a pleasure to connect with so many financial professionals. Here are our photos.









Is Debt Society’s Fault?

I was asked the other day whether I think a person/family’s debt is their fault or society’s fault.

If someone goes out and buys a $2,500.00 television knowing full well they don’t have that money socked away, then yes, that debt is 100% their fault. But what about the single income family who just faced a layoff and needs to buy diapers and baby formula? Is it their fault that they have no other option than to pay for it on their credit card? I think debt is often a product of peoples’ circumstances, and whether those circumstances are within their control.

Perhaps the fault lies with the lack of financial education given during secondary

For the most part I don’t think that people intentionally rack up their credit with no intention of paying it off, but that doesn’t mean it’s not their responsibility to deal with it. The first step to
dealing with a problem is admitting it’s there.

The next step is guiding the individual to a meaningful solution for their situation. Sometimes
the solution is credit counselling but most times the most effective solution will involve counselling and other tools and resources that can provide some debt relief.

As Director of Community Outreach for DebtCare, my mandate is to work with community organizations to help them access a variety of programs that are customized to the individual needs of people who are struggling with debt.

For more information about DebtCare’s programs, please visit or contact me at 888-890-0888 ext. 2587 and I would be happy to come out to see you to discuss how our programs can complement our initiatives.